Sample Website Copy – About Us Page

Sample Website Copy – About Us Page

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About Us

AdPeach started in 2008 as a vision for a simple, more consumer-friendly platform, available to anyone who wants to sell items online.

It all began with the frustration of trying to sell unwanted stuff on existing online platforms. The confusing array of fees, limit on number of items listed, and advertising time limits made us realize that there must be a better way.

We set out to create a whole new type of e-commerce platform.

AdPeach: Unique. Powerful. Better.

What makes AdPeach so powerful is that you can access and use the platform any way you like.

You can use AdPeach as a simple way to buy and sell items online. But you can also use it as a sophisticated entrepreneurial tool:

Start a business and promote it

Build your business organization to advertise and sell online

Take control of your social network and its unique advertising advantages

Earn a percentage of platform revenue as a AdPeach Support Hero

Create Your Future with AdPeach

Today, AdPeach is much more than a simple venue for buying and selling items online.

AdPeach provides high-performance online tools for the entrepreneur to build a business and make it prosper.

With AdPeach, you can create your future – without being defined by your past. Take control of your financial objectives, while living a life in service to others. Make the world a better place.

Guided by a philosophy of entrepreneurial empowerment, we’ve created the ultimate online tool set to achieve your goals: AdPeach.

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