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Sample Magazine Ad – Real Estate + Animal Rescue

NOTE: This client has a unique selling proposition: he’s a real estate agent who also supports animal rescue. This magazine ad required simultaneously delivering two messages: hiring him as a real estate agent, and helping save animals. See for yourself how I linked them together.

What If You Could Find Your Dream Home and Rescue Animals, Too?

Cameron Brooks Is The Only REALTOR® Who Donates 5% of Profits to Help Knoxville Pets Find Safe, Loving New Homes.

Sell your home faster and easier.

Get the best price for your home.

5% of profits go to local animal rescues.

I bought my dream house with the help of Cameron Brooks. He’s ethical. He’s caring. He’s considerate of my time. We drove all over to find the perfect house. And we found it.”

Mary Constantine, Knoxville TN

Cameron Brooks is the area’s most trusted Realtor® committed to supporting animal rescue.

List Your Home with Cameron and Help Save an Animal’s Life.

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