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FACT: Caseworkers spend 45% of their time processing paperwork. They could use that time to help more children.

ChildFirst mobile devices empower your caseworkers to work smarter, giving children the protection they need most.

Eliminate slow, inefficient, and repetitive paperwork with ChildFirst mobile electronic devices.

Caseworkers slog through a tedious paperwork process multiple times a day, every day. ChildFirst automates every step of the process, making it up to twice as fast.

File reports anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

Use electronic versions of your exact forms and processes.

Type or dictate to save time and eliminate errors caused by illegible hand-written forms.

Access your case files and database without having to return to the office.

Collect information in real time, and update files instantly.

Capture bar codes, signatures, GPS locations, photos and videos to make reports more accurate than ever.

Give children the protection they need most by empowering your caseworkers.

ChildFirst’s paperless system quickly and precisely captures every type of data – from bar codes and signatures to photos and videos – making reports more in-depth and accurate than ever before.

Faster reporting.

Instant updates.

Unprecedented accuracy.

Groundbreaking accountability.

State-of-the-art security.

All in the familiarity of a smartphone.

ChildFirst mobile devices are specially designed for the needs of today’s caseworker.

Users can file their reports anywhere. Now, caseworkers have the power to complete tasks on the spot, instead of returning to the office to file paperwork.

Compatible with both Android and Windows.

Manages all document types: Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, DWG and more.

Updates in near real-time.

Automatically inputs data into Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems.

Protected with AES-256 and SSL encryption.

Bigger, better, brighter displays.

Long battery life.

Integrated scanner and imager.

Rugged durability that caseworkers can count on anywhere, even in bad weather.

Easy operation.

Find out why agencies like yours are choosing ChildFirst.

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6 reasons why agencies like yours choose ChildFirst mobile devices:

1. Higher productivity.

2. Faster response times.

3. Increased accuracy.

4. Improved security.

5. Greater caseworker job satisfaction.

6. A fraction of the cost of developing your own platform.


Get 45% more productivity with ChildFirst

Make sure your agency reaches its true potential with ChildFirst mobile devices.


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