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Sample Direct Mail – Technology Sales Letter

Note: the client’s information has been changed for confidentiality.

Increase caseworker productivity up to 45% with ChildSafe.

ChildSafe mobile devices empower your caseworkers to work smarter, giving children the protection they need most.

Dear [Executive Director]:

By some estimates, caseworkers spend 40 to 50 percent of their time processing files and paperwork – valuable time that could be used to help make a difference for more children.

It’s no secret that paper-based processes are slow and inefficient, repetitive, and difficult to track. The demands of old-fashioned paperwork are completely out of touch with the high-pressure workload of today’s caseworkers.

But that’s about to change.

Now, your caseworkers can file reports in the field – in just a fraction of the time – using ChildSafe mobile devices.

ChildSafe mobile devices offer:

faster reporting

instant updates

unprecedented accuracy

groundbreaking accountability

state-of-the-art security

all with the familiarity of a smartphone.

Industry research shows that mobile tools can improve caseworker productivity by as much as 45 percent. ChildSafe mobile devices are specially designed for the needs of today’s caseworker.

Paperwork redefined.

Caseworkers slog through a tedious paperwork process multiple times a day, every day. ChildSafe automates every step of the process, making it up to twice as fast.

Because ChildSafe’s digital forms are formatted exactly like your existing paper forms, it’s easy for users to get up to speed with minimal training.

Double the speed of your workflows.

ChildSafe mobile devices let users file their reports anywhere, giving them the power to complete tasks on the spot, instead of returning to the office to file paperwork.

Spending less time on administrative work means more time in the field interacting with clients and assessing the well-being of children.

A new standard of accuracy.

Typing and dictating with ChildSafe is faster and easier than handwriting, and it also eliminates errors caused by illegible hand-written forms.

ChildSafe’s paperless system quickly and precisely captures every type of data – from bar codes and signatures to photos and videos – making reports more in-depth and accurate than ever before.

Insight when you need it most.

Ordinary paperwork makes it difficult to see patterns in a child’s historical information. But ChildSafe’s data-mining tools unlock patterns in a flash, giving caseworkers an eagle-eye overview of their cases.

By making meaningful data more visible and easier to track, ChildSafe empowers caseworkers to find crucial information faster, and make better decisions every step of the way.

Real-time child protection.

ChildSafe collects information in real time, so that all appropriate stakeholders have immediate access to current data, wherever they are.

Plus, ChildSafe automatically triggers complex actions like reports and alerts, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Airtight accountability.

Automatic validation by current date and time, GPS location, and user identification provides you with a permanent record of who, where, and when.

ChildSafe gives you the tools to ensure consistent quality of care by verifying each and every caseworker’s home visitations with absolute accuracy. You get trustworthy data that others can depend on, boosting confidence in your agency.

Affordable productivity.

The low operating cost and reduced labor costs of ChildSafe make it simply the best investment your organization can make for the children under your care.

It’s also future-ready, effortlessly scaling features and functionality according to your changing needs, at a fraction of the cost of developing your own platform.

Find out why agencies like yours are choosing ChildSafe.

See how other agencies are boosting productivity, driving faster response times, increasing accuracy, improving security, raising caseworker job satisfaction, cutting costs, and providing a higher level of service using ChildSafe.

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P.S. For a free, no-obligation information kit about ChildSafe, visit: [landing page URL]


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