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Sample Direct Mail – Fundraising Letter



“There’s no doubt Project Angel Heart saved my life …”


“It’s more than being handicapped. It’s a disabling pain — and it’s nearly impossible to get things done, even cooking a meal. There’s no doubt Project Angel Heart saved my life.”
Pat W., Project Angel Heart recipient

Dear [FirstName]:

She’s fighting a life-threatening disease … without knowing where her next meal will come from.

She could be your neighbor. Or a child. Or someone down the street you’ve never met.

She’s been afflicted with a sudden illness that has turned her normal life into a nightmare of painful medical treatments and endless doctor visits.

Exhausted by her struggle, she doesn’t have the strength left to cook a meal — worse, her family doesn’t have the money to buy groceries after paying for her medicine.

Right now, right here in our community, she’s going hungry. And she’s losing the will to live.

But YOU can give her hope.

Here at Project Angel Heart, we help provide nutritious meals to adults and children battling serious illness. But we can’t do it without you. We need your help.

Every $5 of your gift allows us to send one fresh, wholesome meal to someone’s door.

Every $50 will fill a weekly delivery bag full of nourishing meals, sides, bread and dessert prepared by our chefs and delivered by our dedicated volunteers.

Imagine the delicious smells of home-made chicken soup … hearty meatloaf and creamy mashed potatoes … or fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven.

Now imagine how wonderful they taste to someone exhausted from the daily struggle of fighting a life-threatening illness.

When you contribute, our chefs will use the funds to buy healthy ingredients for our meals. Crisp carrots … whole wheat spaghetti …wild caught salmon. We prepare our meals with natural goodness and love.

We hand-deliver meals that rejuvenate the whole person.

Every day, we see the difference even one healthful meal makes to someone who is wrung out by the daily struggle of hospital visits, debilitating treatments, and the ravages of disease.

“These people are struggling through a very difficult time in life. It feels good to know that I’m giving them nutritious meals to help them win their battle.”
– Sue L., volunteer

Our delicious chef-prepared meals help boost the immune system, nourish the body, and lift the spirit. We don’t charge for these meals — the people we help need every penny to pay for medical care.

Please know that your donation makes a tremendous difference.

With the help of caring friends like you, Project Angel Heart has helped thousands of our Colorado neighbors get back on their feet, regain their health, and recover from their illnesses.

Last year’s donations enabled us to deliver over 485,000 meals to more than 2,000 gravely ill patients.

But this year, clients face a waiting list of 6 to 8 weeks before receiving any meals. Will you help us shorten their wait, so they can get the help they need?

Even as I write this letter to you, somewhere in our community, someone is exhausted by the ordeal of fighting a serious illness. Too tired, and suffering too much pain, to cook a meal.

If they’re going hungry, their chances for recovery are bleak.

YOU can make a difference by donating today.

The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can put your generous contribution to work – and help another innocent person afflicted by a debilitating disease. Whatever you can send, please send it today.

With all my thanks,

Erin Pulling

Erin Pulling, MNM
President & CEO, Project Angel Heart

P.S. Your donation is tax deductible, but more than that, it’s life-giving. Please give what you can – any amount helps us feed those who are in desperate need.

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