Sample Direct Mail - Dental Industry Postcard

Sample Direct Mail – Dental Industry Postcard

Note: Client information has been changed for privacy.

Postcard – Front

Install esthetic, tissue-friendly temporary crowns in half the time.

[Product image: dental implant]

Installs in less than 15 minutes.

Eliminates the leading cause of implant failures.

Specially designed to promote healing.

Easier to use.

More comfortable for patients.

More cosmetic.

Lower cost, better returns, higher productivity.

Toric Crowns

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Postcard – Back


Complete Posterior Temporary Crown Kit

Two of each size of molar and premolar, two widths and heights for a complete selection of all posterior crowns, 16 crowns total, $500

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our temporary crowns will meet or exceed your expectations, or we’ll refund your order in full. There’s absolutely no risk or obligation on your part.


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