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Sample Content Marketing – 14 Biggest Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Tips

14 Biggest Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Tips

Don’t ruin a beautiful spring day by spending hours and hours cleaning. There are quicker ways to get rid of the dirt and clutter that have been accumulating all winter long. Here are the smartest shortcuts to a spring cleaning that will leave your home fresh and clean in no time.

1. You don’t have to scrub everything by hand. Use your dishwasher to clean toothbrush holders, soap dishes, plastic toys, scrub brushes, dish racks, even glass light fixture globes.

2. Clean hardwood floors on a bright sunny morning or afternoon. The low angle of the sunlight will reveal dust and dirt that you might otherwise miss.

3. Wash dirty walls from the bottom to the top. It sounds backward, but washing from the top down can cause clean streaks on the wall. Instead, start at the bottom and work your way up.

4. Clean windows with a rubber squeegee, instead of paper towels or newspaper. Use a screw-on extension to extend your reach.

5. Pet hair everywhere? Ditch the lint roller and pull on a dry rubber glove. Just swipe it across furniture or the floor, and it will pick up pet hair instantly.

6. Ditch your old rags in favor of microfiber cloths. The split fibers in the fabric act like tiny hooks, picking up practically everything. Keep a stack of microfiber cloths handy, and switch often as you clean.

7. Before you start dusting shelves, tables or countertops, open your curtains. Dust and dirt shows up better in bright sunlight.

8. Use vinegar to remove mineral buildup on your faucets. Just soak paper towels in vinegar and wrap the faucet for an hour, then scrub clean.

9. When vacuuming carpets and rugs, clean all of the high-traffic areas first, before moving onto the rest of the house.

10. Use old credit cards to clean narrow crevices, tight corners and other hard-to-reach spots. Just wash the card with soap and water between uses.

11. When cleaning mirrors, glass, or other shiny objects, turn off the lights. Fingerprints, smudges and smears are more visible in natural light.

12. Clean the outside of your windows on a cloudy day to avoid streaks, which can be caused by direct sunlight. Also, avoid cleaning windows on a windy day.

13. Dirty screen doors? Use a scrap of old carpet to brush away the dirt without damaging the screen.

14. Clean your ceiling fan with an old pillowcase. Put it over each blade, one at a time, and pull the dust right off. Then just toss the pillowcase in the wash.

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