Catalog Sample

This online catalog project involved a huge variety of products — everything from fashion apparel to bug zappers. The tricky part was that we had very limited space for text, so I needed to communicate the essence of each item in the fewest possible words. I like to think of it as marketing haiku.

These examples are only a few out of hundreds of products, and I’m very pleased with the results. The client was, too. If you’re thinking of putting together a catalog for your company, let’s talk!

This spring, you won’t have to worry about bugs spoiling your fun. Easy to install, the UV LED Solar Bug Zapper gets rid of unwanted pests without the use of harmful chemicals. Harness the natural power of the sun to light your yard and stay bug-free!

Bring a smile of relief — and a breath of fresh air. This fun and friendly cool mist ultrasonic humidifier helps relieve sinuses and congestion. Perfect for a kid’s room or any room in the house!

Keep your spices organized and looking sharp with an Olde Thompson 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack. The convenient carrying handle and rotating action ensure that your favorite herbs are always in reach when you need them.

Why pay for an expensive haircut when you can do it at home? Compared to the cost of going to a salon, this 10-Piece Hair Cutting Kit practically pays for itself. Safe, fun and a great value. Order now and enjoy FREE shipping!

Don’t just eat your marshmallows — blast ’em! This micro-processor-controlled, battery-powered Mazooka can launch a marshmallow at targets up to 40 feet away. Line up your shots with the illuminated crosshairs and let ’em have it!

As you can tell, I like to add a fun touch to catalog copy, which puts customers at ease and encourages them to shop. Want to find out what I can write for you? Just ask!