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The #1 Secret to Saving Money on Groceries

The #1 Secret to Saving Money on GroceriesThere’s a simple trick to saving money every time you go to the grocery store. It works no matter where you live, no matter where you shop and no matter what your favorite brands are. Even better, you can start using this smart tip today.

Ready? Here it is:

Plan your meals around the sales, instead of the other way around.

Too often, what we cook and what’s on sale are two entirely different things. But they don’t have to be! Saving money on groceries can be as easy as doing the planning first, before you do the shopping. On paper, figure out your meals based on the best grocery deals.

Sure, it sounds like common sense. But ask yourself this: Do you usually buy whatever you need, whether it’s on sale or not? If you said yes, you’re spending more than you need to.

Instead, start planning your dinners around the best bargains. You can save every time you go to the grocery store. And those savings really add up.

Plus, there’s a hidden benefit to planning first. By making fewer trips to the store, you’ll have fewer opportunities to do any impulse buying. That helps protect your budget. And it saves time, too.

Ready to get started?

Click here for the best printable grocery coupons.

Blog WritingLive In Color

Had enough of the hard winter weather? Done with drab, down-to-earth tones? It’s time to wake up to the hot colors of spring. And this Gap coupon makes the weekend even hotter, because now you can save 30% off your purchase!

Fill up on candy-colored essentials like fun tees, flowing scarves, even a hot trench to warm up cool evenings. And don’t forget the espadrilles! Go ahead, stock up for spring (and summer too) with fashions that are all about the pop.

Say goodbye to the same-old blahs. And say hello to savings. With Gap coupons, you can kick those winter blues to the curb. Light up your look with the bright colors of spring, and save 30% while you’re at it.

Psst — don’t forget, you can earn up to 3% Cash Back, too. That’s Cash Back just for shopping the styles you already crave.

If shopping were a hot fudge sundae, this would be the cherry on top. So dig in. But hurry, because this offer ends Sunday. Don’t miss it! Get your Gap coupon now.

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