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• Sample Finance/Investing Web Copy
“Profit from the knowledge of thousands of algorithmic trading experts.”

• Sample Small Business Web Copy
“Thousands of Packaging and Shipping Supplies Ready to Deliver Today!”

• Sample B2B Web Copy — About Us
We Build Strategic Alliances.”

• Sample B2C Web Copy — About Us
“Fact: Did you know that one in every three computers needs to be repaired in the first 36 months?”

• Sample B2B Sales Letter — Service
“Do you know the most effective way to grow your business?”

• Sample B2C Sales Letter — Product
“Are you at risk for the #1 hidden danger in your home?”

• Sample Executive Bio/LinkedIn Profile
“To succeed in business, an entrepreneurial drive, a high level of initiative, and a commitment to excellence aren’t enough…”

• Sample B2B Sales Email —  Service
“A finished year-end video, filmed anywhere – for just $2000.”

• Sample Business Blog Content
“Easy Time Management Techniques That Really Work”



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TurboTax sample online content by Denver freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
TurboTax web content

Unclaimed tax refunds: Could the IRS owe you? (TurboTax)

Could the IRS owe you money that you don’t even know about?

It’s possible.

The federal government estimates that it has refunds waiting for over a million people. Could you have a check waiting for you?

online content for Les Mills Combat Workout by Denver freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
Les Mills Combat Workout web content

Lose inches & earn Cash Back with the Les Mills Combat Workout

Is there a workout that can burn off 1,000 calories an hour?

Yes, according to Beachbody. Their new “ultimate mixed martial arts program” could give you the best body ever in just 60 days. Meet some of our team members who took the challenge.

online content for Gander Mountain, Overton's, Clear Gear Spray by Denver freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
Gander Mountain, Overton’s, Clear Gear Spray web content

3 safety rules to prevent sports injury
(Gander Mountain, Overton’s, Clear Gear Spray)

Think you can dust off last year’s running shoes and jump right back into the game?

Think again.

Here are three new fitness rules you need to know to stay safe.

online content for Professional Sports Authenticators by Denver freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
Professional Sports Authenticators web content

What’s the value of a baseball card?
(Professional Sports Authenticators)

Could you get more than half a million dollars for just two baseball cards?

Find out what kind of treasure could be hidden in that dusty old box of cards in the back of your closet.

online content for TireRack.com by Denver freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
Tire Rack web content

Got snow tires? 5 tips on driving in snow


Are you ready for the slick roads ahead?

Get the cold, hard facts about preparing your car (and your driving skills) for winter — from the experts at TireRack.com.

online content for Go Daddy, Easy CGI, 1&1, Yahoo! by Denver freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
Go Daddy, Easy CGI, 1&1, Yahoo! web content

Why cheap web hosting is better

(Go Daddy, Easy CGI, 1&1, Yahoo!)

Creating a website is challenging enough without the hassle of high fees. But finding the best deal takes time. You could scour the web, spending hours looking for the best penny-pinching deals. Or you could save with our top picks.

Capco Tile Painting Brochure
Capco Tile Painting Brochure

Sometimes, all you need are the facts — but you need them told in a way that continually draws in the reader.

Black and Decker - sample brochure - freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
Black & Decker product brochure

After all, your customers don’t really want to know what your product does. They want to know what it does for them.

Who can resist a good product or service that makes life better?

Take a look at this brochure for hand painted tile murals, or this product brochure for Black & Decker.

SEO writing sample - freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
landing page sample

Your landing page is the first thing every potential customer sees. So it has to not only catch their attention, it has to lead them deeper into your site.

That’s where a professional writer can give you the perfect balance of keywords and quality content.

newsletter sample - freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
newsletter sample

Your customers are surfing the web to get answers. And there’s one expert they should be talking to: you.

Make it easy for your audience to connect to you with a free newsletter they can read and pass along to their friends. Find out how you can get content that helps your customers while it builds awareness of your brand.

It’s a proven way to turn your prospects into your best salespeople!

ghost sample - freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
ghost writing sample

You know exactly what you want to say, but you might not know quite how to say it. Sound familiar?

If you want to be recognized as an expert in your field, you need to share your knowledge in a way that’s smart, insightful and compelling.

Take the stress out of writing. Find out how easy it is to turn a simple conversation with a ghost writer into speeches, letters, interviews, magazine articles, even business books.

catalog copywriting sample - freelance copywriter Laurence MacNaughton
catalog description sample

Whether you want to inform your customers, launch a new product, showcase your online catalog, freshen up your website content, or put a catchy twist on your next promotional event, I can help.

No matter what kind of project you have in mind, you need an experienced writer who can showcase your company’s benefits and spur readers to take action.

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