Ordinary copywriters cost you money. Good copywriters make you money – and save you time, too!
Ordinary copywriters cost you money. Good copywriters make you money.

What sets me apart from ordinary copywriters?

I take the time to develop a deep understanding of your business and the value that you offer your customers.

I figure out what sets you apart from the competition … what your audience is currently thinking and feeling … and how to motivate them to click, call, or connect with you.

That’s how I’ve helped hundreds of clients boost their sales, reduce their marketing costs and get more customers. And I can help you, too.

How It Works:

1. First, I’ll review any source materials you have available.

That includes your existing website, sales emails, letters, presentations, brochures — anything that explains your business and what you offer. I’ll study it all.

2. Then we’ll talk in-depth about your project.

At your convenience, we can schedule a 20-minute informational phone call (or Skype). I’ll ask you 23 specific questions to focus your project and pinpoint your message.

3. I’ll write the copy and send it to you for your approval.

You’ll have a chance to review it and see if you’d like any changes. Note: Up to two rounds of revisions are included to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with the finished copy.

That’s my approach – unique, thorough, and effective. That’s how I’ve boosted sales and profits for hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs.

Ready to exceed your marketing goals?

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